Sandpoint Long Term Rentals

We have a great selection of unfurnished long term rentals that may fit your needs.

Our long term rental inventory is always changing. Let us know your criteria, including your budget, and we will help you find the perfect home. Sandpoint is a small town in a BIG location. Properties may be located near Lake Cocollala, near Laclede or Priest River, north in the Selle Valley, east near Hope, or south near Garfield Bay. We pride ourselves in offering FREE rental consultations at our office where we can discuss potential properties, locations, school districts, pricing, and terms. We will also conduct property tours so you are comfortable with your decision.

All prospective tenants must have a successful screening before an application is granted. Screening includes background checks, credit check, employment verification, and referrals. Once an application is approved, then a rental agreement will be

Please E-mail us or phone us for more information on our management services. If you have not already received one, we will send out a complete kit to help answer any questions you may have. Thank you.